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We are independent, working only in our client’s best interest without accepting commissions. We are service-driven rather than being product-driven. This independence keeps us thinking and gives us more opportunities for tailored solutions to help our clients pursue their future.

We Are Always In Your Corner

Understanding Your Goals

Bridge Trust Finance works with clients to understand what brings them fulfillment and helps them to define their vision of success. We help you move confidently toward your vision with planning and discipline. Understanding short- and long-term goals leads to a life—and story—well lived.

Driven by a desire to meet the specific goals of each client, we are rigorous in our approach and small enough to provide every client with personalized attention and care. Importantly, we’re determined to remain that way. In the end, that enables us to better serve the clients we embrace.

  • Comprehensive Planning & Investment Management
  • Elite Capital Management
  • Risk Management

Our Specialties

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Goal Setting and Tracking

Portfolio Management

Strategy Coordination and Implementation

High Level Risk Management


Our Approach

What We Can Do For You

Our wealth management team partners with clients to create an organized, disciplined system addressing their diverse needs.

One of our most defining practices, one we believe sets us apart in our industry, is that we invest side-by-side with our clients, placing our own assets in every investment in which we place our clients’ wealth.

On-going dialogue and proactive monitoring promotes the achievement of clients’ long-term objectives, which evolve over time. Bridge Trust Finance makes sense of it all.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the most important determinant of long-term investment returns. 


Diversification is the key to minimizing volatility and reducing the risk of permanent loss.

Long-Term Focus

The worst plan is the one not followed. Faith, patience and discipline are required to stay the course and earn above-average returns.


Everything starts with a comprehensive, customized financial plan developed for your unique circumstances, which serves as our guide. 

Bridge Trust Finance Is

Goal Driven

We strive to earn our clients the returns needed to fund their most cherished financial goals—and to do so with the minimum expenditure of time, energy and stress on their part.

Our portfolios are goal driven, not market driven. We use a disciplined planning process to determine how to allocate our clients’ resources to produce the income and returns needed to help achieve their objectives.


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